mercy loomis
A Wild Hunt

"A Wild Hunt" - Free Read!

Like most skinshifters, Ariane Conant doesn’t have much use for magic, but, as a faerie, she knows it when she sees it. When she’s sent to spy on a suspicious group of mages, Ariane uncovers a trio of magic thieves. Recognizing her classmate Kiran Eckhart among the thieves’ victims, Ariane rushes to the rescue—and into a race to stop the mages from stealing Kiran’s psychic powers forever.

This story was originally written as a contest entry for “Paranormal Authors Fight Club” over at Romance in the Backseat. The prompt we all were given was "She hurried her footsteps down the alley. This was not part of the plan. Something grabbed her foot. A bottle, a branch, or a hand – either way she found herself flat on the pavement, cheek to the ground, face to foot with a very large, very black, boot." While I didn’t win the contest, I decided to finish the story and put it up for free. The links above are to an edited and expanded version of the story that was originally published on my blog.

Available for free on most platforms. Click here for links.