mercy loomis
Other Men

Other Men: Five Tales of Erotic Gay Urban Fantasy

An Aether Vitalis Anthology

Skinshifters, doppelgangers, gargoyles, vampires, mages, aethermancers…these men are definitely other. Four short stories and one novella explore what happens when other men love other men. Contains explicit sex.

CRY WOLF: When a large, bold wolf starts appearing outside the fence while Wil’s guarding his flock, the only person who believes him is the girl everyone expects Wil to marry. But Wil doesn’t want to marry any girl—he’s much more interested in the men. And as it turns out, so is the wolf…

THE HOUSE THAT PIP BUILT: College freshman Caleb wants desperately to be in the same fraternity as his longtime crush, Evan. Will he be able to spend enough time in a haunted house to get his wish?

SET IN STONE: Jon's dreams of the primordial Nexus have become all too real. When Jon meets gargoyle and Nexus guardian Tamal, Jon learns that not only is the Nexus real, he might be able to stay permanently. But it’s Tamal’s job to keep humans like Jon safe and out of the Nexus. Can Jon convince Tamal he has what it takes to survive?

DISOBEDIENCE: The vampire Giordan is a dominant, sadistic lover—everything David wants in a master. But when Giordan sets David to seduce shy, sweet Mikala, will David be able—or willing—to obey his master’s orders?

THE SKINNED MAN: Eddie Mixon isn’t your average private investigator. He’s also an aethermancer, able to manipulate the semi-physical substance that carries magical energy. A mysterious woman hires Eddie to retrieve a magical item from the aether, but in order to get it he’ll need the help of his old flame, Joe Conrad. The darkest secrets from Eddie’s past are coming back to haunt him—literally.

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