mercy loomis
Kink on Command

Kink on Command: Five Erotic D&s Tales

A Just for Kinks Anthology

These five Just for Kinks short stories of dominance and submission will leave you begging for more. Contains explicit sex.

THE SUB FAIRY: Married bliss gets a kinky twist when one woman finds the courage to ask her husband to be her dom. Can dominance and submission find a place in their life?

WHEN IN ROME: Lovers Suzi and Myriah have had enough of their roommate Kimbra’s irksome behavior and decide to teach her a lesson—which is exactly what Kimbra has secretly been hoping for.

ENCORE: All Derrick wants is a nice subby roadie girl, but when bandmate Nate is willing to give BDSM a try, the guys discover a new favorite rainy-day activity.

HUSBAND’S LITTLE HELPER: Samantha and Ron’s 1950s-ish life style strikes some as misogynistic, but for them it’s about more than just sexual thrills.

CARE PACKAGES: When Shayla has to go out of town, Tamika doesn’t let a little distance stop her from keeping her submissive in line, courtesy of a very special care package.

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