mercy loomis
Erotic Touches

Erotic Touches: Five Erotic Tales

An erotic miscellany of five short stories sure to leave you hungry for more! Contains explicit sex.

THE PRINCESS AND PEONY: A princess and her maid conspire to create the bruised and sleepless effects of a pea in the bedding with the help of the maid’s flogger.

A KISS BEFORE COFFEE: A terminally ill woman travels to the Asclepion of Kos to petition the god in person.

CHRISTMAS PRESENTS: December, 1998. Robbie Barnes loves being a soldier, but the Army is a jealous mistress. Living with the fear of being outed as gay has put Robbie’s love life on the shelf. But when fellow soldier and best buddy Chi invites Robbie to come stay with him in Hawaii over Christmas, Robbie discovers he and Chi have more in common than Robbie realized.

CHANCE (ZOOM) MEETING: A stressed-out exec with pandemic fatigue gets exactly what he needs when his Zoom meeting is interrupted by a sexy flasher.

GEARGIRL: A cyberpunk mercenary with a passion for automotive tinkering discovers a very personal connection with her vehicle.

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