mercy loomis
Demonic Encounters

Demonic Encounters

An Aether Vitalis Anthology

In these five short stories, ordinary men and women find out what happens when you encounter—or become—things that go bump in the night.

NINE NIGHTS IN HAITI: In Haiti, the newly dead have nine days to make their goodbyes before the psychopomp Baron Samedi escorts them to their final reward. So when the ghost of a foreigner witnesses the raising of a zombie, he knows there isn’t a moment to lose. Can he figure out how to hijack a soulless body before the loa comes for him?

NOT QUITE CASPER: When Katie agrees to spend a month in a haunted house as part of a reality TV show, she doesn't realize that she'll be under the watchful eye of more than just the cameras. This ghost is just a little too friendly. Contains explicit sex.

EMPUSA: Empusa is a Greek daimon whose lovers usually don't live to tell the tale. She makes an exception for a trio of humans caught in a tangle of love spells, but there is always a price to be paid... Contains explicit sex.

THE POWER THAT DREAM HAVE: Sophia of Athens is contentedly obsessed with her dreams of the daimon Empusa, though she knows Empusa is killing her slowly. But as the army of Xerxes advances on Athens, Sophia is in greater danger than she realizes. Contains explicit sex.

CAN’T GET ENOUGH: When his roommate Alex becomes unhealthily obsessed with the stripper Starla, it’s up to gay artist Eric to intervene. But Starla is more powerful than she appears. Will Eric’s feelings for Alex save his friend, or set them on an even darker path? Contains explicit sex.

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