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    Aether Vitalis

        The Aether Vitalis storyverse is exactly like our reality. But all those legends and monsters? They're real. Always have been. And sometimes history didn't happen for quite the reasons we think it did.

        Aether Vitalis stories are always paranormal and often, though not always, dark.

     Just For Kinks

        Just for Kinks stories are light-hearted, contemporary tales of titillation for kinky people and the kink-curious. Often romantic, Just for Kinks focuses on the everyday kinky person with a stories involving a variety of genders, orientations, and combinations thereof. These stories are about healthy relationships, clear consent, safe sex, and having fun in whatever way floats your particular boat. Commonly seen kinks include bondage, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism, exhibitionism, and voyeurism.

        No historicals, no paranormals, no science fiction, no dark and unhealthy encounters. Just modern kinky people doing what they do best—having a darn good time.

     Grimm as it Should've Been

       A lot of the lesser-known stories collected by the Brothers Grimm are lesser-known for a good reason—they simply don’t satisfy the expectations of the modern reader. But they don’t have to stay that way…

     Other Works

       Cyberpunk erotica. Adult fairy tales. Lovecraftian weird fiction. Poetry and essays. Dive into the grab bag and see what grabs you back!

     Free Reads!

        Free stories and flash fiction. Because everyone likes free stuff.


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